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What is CHEC?

CHEC is a response to the demands of home exchangers and exchange club owners themselves. Together a need was recognized for an organization that could create and maintain professional standards for exchange agencies, as well as a code of conduct for individual exchangers.

Individual CHEC exchangers benefit from the safety and security provided by CHEC member clubs. CHEC members enjoy peace of mind when exchanging with a fellow CHEC member who adheres to the same ethical standards.

Members of CHEC are home exchange clubs and individuals who:

  • meet strong standards of conduct within the home exchange community,
  • agree to follow the highest principles of ethics and voluntary self-regulation,
  • either have a proven track record of honesty and integrity in their home exchange activities or promise to abide by the CHEC code of conduct, and
  • endeavor to make home exchange a safe, secure and reliable way to travel.

Why is CHEC needed?

Becoming a CHEC member and dealing with other verified members of CHECtravel provides an extra layer of security previously lacking in the industry.

CHEC members are who they say they are. They agree to confidential third party verification of the location of their homes. With CHEC, you need not worry that you will show up at the home exchange address to find a vacant lot.

For home exchange to become universally accepted as a safe, secure and practicable means of world travel, it is essential that all exchangers, both new and experienced, be provided with a blanket of increased protection, as well as a way to address grievances that may occur in the home exchange process. CHECtravel's mission is to bring this collective peace of mind to the home exchanger insofar as it is legally and humanly possible. That is the CHECtravel commitment.

The Seven Reasons to Join CHECtravel Today

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