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"Thank you for letting me have a sneak preview on your newest child,, and congratulations to you and your partners on your big milestone! It is very fortunate for all home exchange lovers and us home exchange club owners to have somebody like you to put so much effort and expertise into developing new standards and more awareness for the home exchange community."
Ursula Godwin Niesmann

"I welcome the initiative of the founders of CHECtravel in launching an umbrella organisation for the growing home exchange industry. This independent organisation will be invaluable as an unbiased source of information for new home exchangers, enabling each to choose the service(s) that will best suit their own needs from amongst CHEC member agencies." 
Lois Sealey Home Base Holidays

"It's great to see that your efforts and persistence over the past year have finally paid off and that has at last come to fruition to give peace of mind to home exchangers around the world and underwrite the confidence and trust they have always placed in their exchange partners and in their home exchange clubs."
Kath Botterill, Green Theme International

"Your timing couldn't be better. The enormous growth we've seen in the last two years warrants the higher standards you've brought to the home exchange industry.It's a Win-Win! Thank you for your professionalism."
Helen Coyle Bergstein, Digsville

"A service such as CHECtravel was sorely needed in our home exchange community. Enabling people to discover and embrace new cultures just became easier! "
Nadege Conger,

"With the recent explosive growth in the home exchange industry, an organization such as CHECTravel will do an immense amount to unite the legitimate clubs under an unbiased umbrella association. Both individual Home Exchange members and the clubs themselves can do nothing but benefit from the exceptionally high standards and code of conduct CHECTravel has established."
Anne Pottinger

It is important that such a site as CHECtravel has come about.  It really gives those who are interested in home exchange a great avenue to gain the information needed to choose the home exchange options that are right for them.  As we originated as an Australian house swapping website that has now gone international, we appreciate CHECtravel including us in the global world of home exchange.  Your service will surely be appreciated by many home exchangers around the world!
Nick Fuad, Aussie House Swap

CHEC is a great innovation for home exchangers and home exchange clubs alike. The reassurance it provides for all concerned is invaluable and will undoubtedly make home exchange an extremely tempting option for those previously wary of the concept.
Caroline Candler, International Vacation Home Exchange

Nous nous réjouissons de l'initiative de ce Chectravel , car de plus en plus de sites d'échange de maison fleurissent sur le marché et tous ne sont pas irréprochables!
Ce sera une sécurité et un garde fou pour tous les adhérents.
Chacun saura où il met les pieds et c'est très rassurant d'avoir eu l'idée de mettre les sites de qualité et honnêtes en avant et d'instaurer cette Charte d'excellence
pour ceux qui ont fait tous les efforts nécessaires afin que chacun passe des vacances réussies grâce à des échanges de qualité.
Encore bravo
Sylvaine Lebreton

"Having an umbrella organization such as CHECtravel is a great idea - not only does it give Home Exchangers lots of valuable information but it will also give reassurance to those people who are wary about swapping their homes with others.  CHECtravel will most definitely be appreciated by Home Exchangers around the world."  
Roger Newman, Global Swops

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