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Why Home Exchange Clubs Need CHECtravel was created to address safety and security concerns in the home exchange community. Certified Home Exchange Clubs' primary value to home exchange agencies is in its ability to increase club revenue by expanding the consumer market base. With CHEC, both experienced and new exchangers know that there is an organization that cares about swappers' security and well-being, thereby expanding the base of potential home exchangers to include those who are uncomfortable with trading homes.

Furthermore, provides a medium to address concerns regarding rogue clubs, membership issues, or other matters affecting their business. Club owners can avail themselves of the mediation services offered through their CHEC membership or express their grievances in the private club owners’ forum.

The trusted CHEC mark logoon a home exchange club's pages or an individual swapper's listing indicates shared values of communication, reliability, and safe commerce within the home exchange community.

By combining our strength, members of the home exchange industry are able to help bring the home exchange concept to a wider audience of potential swappers.

CHEC Certified Agencies:

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