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CHECtravel has reached our mission statement membership limit of 250 and will not be accepting any new members at this time.

"I used to get 3 or 4 trade offers a year. With CHECtravel help my listing now gets that many every month." Janet C. Fresno, Ca.

Easily find plane tickets on CheapOAir and get your home exchange experience started!

Certified Home Exchange Community (CHEC) works along with your home exchange agency to make the perfect home exchange experience.

Why CHECtravelers make the best swappers

Perfect Home Exchange Essentials Home exchange with Chectravel Home exchange without CHECtravel
Address verification Always Only through credit card
Mediation Services Always Never
Trip cancellation insurance* Available Not available
Damage waiver insurance * Available Not available
English speaking local experts ** Available Not available
Listings with enticing descriptions and sharp photos Always Sometimes
Interactive agreement forms Always available Rare
Members meet the highest home exchange ethical standards Always Sometimes

*The first corporate sponsored home exchange trip insurance is now available exclusively for CHECtravel members by TravelGuard. Coverage starts at just $15. One policy covers you if either you or and your exchange partner needs to cancel wherever you may travel, damage waiver and much more. There's no deductible or age consideration either. Take a look! (Only available for US and Canadian residents)

** We have teamed with an international company to offer reasonable local expert assistance in non-English speaking countries. Their services could be in person and/or via phone and would be custom tailored to your needs. Available soon.

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