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What is Home Exchange?

That's easy -- you stay in my home while I use yours. With home exchange vacations you "live like a local", in a real home in an actual neighborhood that people who live in your vacation destination call home. Your family has room to spread out because most exchange homes are larger than the average hotel room. Exchange homes can include amenities like a full kitchen, safe parking and washer/dryer. Pet owners may find others willing to have a "loaner pet" to care for while on vacation. Some people even swap cars for the duration of the exchange (consult your car insurance company for details).

Why Swap?
Most veteran home exchangers point to the friendships formed with swap partners and the deeper cultural immersion in their vacation destination that only home exchange offers. Other benefits include the huge savings on hotel, meals, pet boarding and car rental.

Is Home Exchange Safe?

According to insurance companies, having your home occupied while you are away is more secure than leaving an empty house. Giving your house keys to virtual strangers, however, is a leap of faith for all home exchangers. CHEC provides peace of mind to both new and veteran home exchangers by providing verification of members' addresses. In addition, CHEC offers unique damage waiver insurance that protects you if you break something in your exchange partner's home.

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