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2010 Price Reduction:

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Individual Membership Features, Benefits, and Services

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  • Discounted club membership, exclusively for CHEC members, in selected CHEC member clubs
    • Aussie House Swap
    • Digsville
    • ExchangeHomes
    • Global Home Exchange
    • Green Theme International
    • Home-Base-Holidays
    • International Vacation Home Exchange (
      More to Come...Details in member area
  • Discounted CHEC membership renewal (20%) if you are a member of one of our CHEC certified agencies
  • Ten Plus Ten Plan: Any purchases made from the CHECtravel website (within the member area)earn the subscriber a 10% rebate* of the original membership fee and an additional 10% credit towards the following year’s membership. The credit may also be applied to a gift membership (all regulations still apply to individual membership approval). This means that only 4 or 5 purchases pays for your subscription costs. 
    Kinds of discounts:
    • UnTours personal concierge service
    • Car Rentals, limousines and other transportation
    • Luggage and other travel accessories
    • Books, maps and tours
    • Home items to spruce up your home for your swap
      Links and details available within the member area.

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  • CHEC logo/image service provides you with your own personal photo image consultant if needed. CHECtravel staff will size and crop your images for your home exchange club listing. We will even help you personalize your email signature with the CHEC logo.
  • CHEC home exchange club listing services will help you spruce up your exchange listing resulting in more offers. We'll take a look at your listing and make suggestions.
  • Help with choosing a club: If you are new to home exchange and are a bit bewildered, email us with your questions and we will give you as much help as you need. We guarantee a reply within 24 hours. CHECtravel is here to help you!
  • A CHECtravel email account: Keep your exchange correspondence separate from your other email. Accessible by web or your desktop mail.

Contact support@chectravel for these services and any other questions regarding your home exchange listing.

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Above all, CHEC individual membership offers home exchangers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that CHEC stands behind them in every aspect of the home exchange experience.

* Rebates are paid quarterly with a minimum amount of $10. Amounts less than $10 may be carried over, applied to future membership fees and/or gift memberships.

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