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Explanation of Membership Process

Cost to Join:
The annual dues are now US$24.95. Credit card information is not retained by CHECtravel; therefore it must be resubmitted each successive year.
Approval Process: By applying for membership the applicant agrees to the CHEC basic address verification process. All information gathered is kept strictly private and is discarded upon approval. The applicant’s credit card will not be charged until such time as the screening is complete (normally no more than 48 hours). Upon approval, an email will be sent with notice that your login (email address) and selected password have been activated.

Membership Package: Along with a login (email address) and selected password, member image files (see below) will be sent. These CHECtravel logos enable the CHEC member to be identified as a member in good standing. CHEC individual members are encouraged to post  a logo on their home exchange club listing (as an uploaded photo) and/or attach one of the logos to any home exchange related correspondence. If you require assistance in uploading or attaching any of these images, please contact:

CHEC Logos
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